Register For 5-Day FTF Warrior's Weight Loss Challenge:

How To Lose Weight FAST In 2024 As A T1D

Learn How You Can Become Your Best Self, Feel More Energized, Lose Weight, And Keep Your Blood Sugars Stable The Entire Time


Register For 5-Day FTF Warrior's Weight Loss Challenge:

How To Lose Weight FAST In 2024 As A T1D

Learn How You Can Become Your Best Self, Feel More Energized, Lose Weight, And Keep Your Blood Sugars Stable The Entire Time



5-Day Virtual T1D 
Weight Loss Challenge


Virtual - On Zoom

Why Should You Join The T1D Weight Loss Challenge - 2024

Dear Friend,

As a fellow Diabetic...

I know how hard it can be to lose weight. 

There is a big myth in the Diabetes community saying that 'having diabetes causes you to gain weight.'

Truth is: It couldn't be further from the truth. 

Before becoming a Diabetes Coach, I was a Certified Personal Trainer...

I saw clients from a variety of backgrounds...

And guess what...

A few of my clients were diabetics. 

And the only reason they chose me was because I was a diabetic just like them. They trusted me. 

So when people say things like "Diabetes caused me to gain weight", I just see it as an excuse. 

And honestly, those excuses do not serve us. It leads us to be lazy, lie in bed, and say "It's whatever". 

The worse part - we feel out of control, because we are letting Diabetes control us.

But I want you to know that there is a path that can burn that stubborn fat faster than you ever thought possible.

Even if you're a diabetic. 

See, there's something that's been missing from diabetic weight loss plans that nobody's talking about...

Losing weight with diabetes is actually harder if you're missing this secret piece (that I'm about to tell you about).

I know it - because I've done it and trained hundreds of other diabetics to do it as well. 

Over the last few years, I've even taken my health to the next level by running a few marathons,  triathlons and currently training for a half ironman. 

Which is HARD. 

But I understand my body, I understand how my blood sugars perform...

And I can predict them with laser-like accuracy and know what I need to do at every stage. 

That is what I want to teach you inside of our 5-Day Weight Loss Challenge that is specifically created with YOU in mind. 

This is going to be tailored to you, your needs, and how you can burn that stubborn fat faster than ever.

Because with my personal training experience combined with me being a diabetes coach... I can help you achieve better health, more energy, and overall a better life by helping you get rid of that stubborn fat you always wanted to get rid of. 

So if that's you, and you want in, I want you to go ahead and register for this Challenge. 

What You Will Learn

During Our Weight Loss Challenge

Day 1: 

Diabetic Weight Loss Intro

At the end of Day will have a full understanding of your weight loss plan. 

During this session, I will show you how to easily and rapidly lose that stubborn fat, and start building muscle all by following his simple THRIVE formula.

Even if you feel overwhelmed or think you can't do this... all it requires is you show up, and you will realize how easy it is to implement into your daily lifestyle with the step by step formula for success I give you. 

Day 2: 

Easy Exercise Formula

What are the best exercises to do as a Diabetic?

On Day 2, I will show you easy-to-do exercises you can add to your routine that will burn that stubborn fat - FAST! (And don't worry, you don't have to workout like a monster or follow any of those crazy personal trainer exercises).

These are the exact exercises I give to my private clients looking to lose weight... for GOOD. 

Day 3: 

The Ultimate Diet Plan

Almost 99.8% of Diabetics mess this up. 

They think they have to avoid certain foods and stick to a strict diet, which couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the more you focus on restriction, the less likely you are to succeed (hence the pizza I'm eating in the picture).

On Day 3, I will show you The Ultimate Diet Plan that allows you to enjoy what you eat, and burn that stubborn fat while you lay on the couch enjoying your favorite snacks. 

Day 4: 

Blood Sugar Management

Day 4 is ALL about blood sugar management...

I will teach you how to properly manage your blood sugar levels and give you an understanding of what happens to your blood sugar while you are exercising...

So you can finally CONTROL them. (Hint: this is the secret sauce to my method, DO NOT MISS DAY 4)

Day 5: 

Live Fearlessly Beyond 
The Challenge

This is where it all comes together...

On Day 5, you'll learn my closely-guarded secret on how you can stay fit after the challenge. 

Hint: It's all about staying in range, predictably. Do this correctly and you will never have to worry about stubborn fat ever again! 

But Hurry! We're Filling Up Fast...

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So Don’t Wait! Join The ‘T1D Weight Loss Challenge’ Today (Before It’s Too Late)!

Your Host

During This 5-Day Challenge!

Matt Vande Vegte

Hey, my name is Matt and I am a Type 1 Diabetic, certified master fitness trainer, nutritionist, and author. 

I have been an athlete all of my life, including Rowing at San Diego State University for 3 years on varsity. 

In December 2009, I suffered many life altering events. I crashed my car, I struggled in school, my dog died, and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. 

I chose to become stronger in the face of adversity. I chose to always put family first, to always make health a priority, and to always do my best to find the positives in any situation.

If I focused on the positives, I was able to keep on going. Fast forward to post-college, I have held onto those commitments that I made to myself as well as built on them with new healthy habits. Fitness and Nutrition became a passion. I had a new purpose to help others, no matter what situation they were in. I strive to make the world a better place, one T1D client at a time.

Your Chance To Burn Stubborn Fat

Learn How You Can Become Your Best Self, Feel More Energized, Lose Weight, And Keep Your Blood Sugars Stable The Entire Time...


Ready To Build Your Dream Body, Burn Stubborn Fat, 
And Get More Energy? 

What You Can Expect From

‘T1D Weight Loss Challenge'!

BEFORE The Challenge

  • Feeling Lost, And Stressed About Your Weight
  • Using The Wrong Diets That Create No Consistent Results
  • Blood Sugar 'Rollercoasters' During The Day & While Working Out
  • ​No Proper Exercise Plan Tailored For Type 1's 

After The Challenge

  • Burning Off The Stubborn Fat, Losing Weight & Even Sizing Down.
  • Diet & Nutrition Plan Tailored For Your Blood Sugars
  • Diabetes Management Plan 
  • ​Certified Exercise Plan Tailored For Type 1's. 

Here's Everything you get

When You Sign Up For ‘T1D Weight 
Loss Challenge Today!

FREE! 5-Day Live Training   With Matt Vande Vegte

 ($497 Value)

 FREE! Coaching Call access with Matt (x1) 

 ($497 Value)

 Specialist "Blueprint" call to customize the plan 

($197 Value)

Roadmap with specific "checkpoints " to stay on track

($97 Value)

 T1D Challenge Community

($97 Value)

Healthy Habits Kickstart Ebook

($97 Value)

 Meal Plans (Nutritionist Approved)

($97 Value)

 A1C Cheatsheet (How to lower your A1C)

($67 Value)

 (Downloadable) Blood Sugar Tracker

($27 Value)

Normally: $1,843


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